Trend-Setting Products in Data for 2014

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1010data, Inc.
1010data—cloud-based analytics platform for big data

Address Doctor, an Informatica Company
Address Cleansing Online—self-service tools for checking address lists or individual addresses

Aerospike, Inc.
Aerospike 3—provides a real-time NoSQL database for web-scale applications

Santosh Chitakki, Vice President, Products

Appfluent Technology
Appfluent Visibility—provides insight into how business units use the BI/DW infrastructure

Product Spotlight by Santosh Chitakki, Vice President, Products

Companies are rapidly running out of space in their data warehouses. Odds are, most organizations have far less capacity available than they think. Their last upgrade should have provided enough space for at least two years. However, with the rapid growth of Big Data, that’s not often the case. This reality leaves many IT executives with a problem whose resolution can cost unplanned millions. However, the challenge can be met with a far less expensive solution … Appfluent Visibility ... read on.

Luminet—enterprise fraud management solution that helps thwart insider fraud and misuse

Melissa Kolodziej, Director of Marketing Communications

Attunity Ltd.
Replicate 3—data replication and loading solution for a broad range of databases and data warehouses

Product Spotlight by Melissa Kolodziej, Director of Marketing Communications

Award-winning Attunity Replicate is automated, easy-to-use, high-performance data replication and loading software. Using Attunity Replicate, organizations can optimize fast, parallel data loading to large data warehouse, adopt the ELT model or stage data for efficient ETL processing, create copies of production databases to enable operational reporting, offload queries from operational systems to reduce load and impact, facilitate zero-downtime migrations and upgrades, distribute data across data sources/centers, and respond quickly if disaster strikes. ... read on.

Basho Technologies, Inc.
Riak—open source, distributed database written in Erlang, a language designed for massively scalable systems

BMC Software, Inc.
BMC Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise—helps IT plan, report, and reduce their mainframe licensing charges

Donna Burbank, VP of Product Marketing

CA Technologies
CA ERwin Data Modeler r9.5—data modeling solution provides a simple, visual interface to manage complex data environments

Product Spotlight by Donna Burbank, VP of Product Marketing

As a leader in the data modeling space, CA ERwin is privileged to be an integral part of organizations’ key strategic initiatives such as business intelligence and analytics, data governance, or data quality—many of which revolve around data. At CA Technologies, we understand that data runs your business, and we’ve put a strong focus on developing a solution that can act as an “information hub” for these initiatives. A strength of the CA ERwin solution is our support for a broad range of data platforms—from relational databases like Oracle, DB2, Teradata, or MS SQL Azure in the Cloud to Big Data platforms based on Hadoop or Google Big Query. Organizations typically come to us for a comprehensive vision of their information infrastructure, regardless of platform ... read on.

Mark Thiessen, CEO

Cirro Data Hub—simplifies data access by federating queries across multiple sources of structured, semistructured, and unstructured data

Product Spotlight by Mark Thiessen, CEO

Seamless access for data analysis across heterogeneous data sources represents ‘the holy grail’ within mainstream enterprises. Designed for Big Data processing and performance at scale, Cirro is a revolutionary approach to bridging corporate analytic data silos. Hadoop and NoSQL data sources along with access of SaaS data sources are rapidly becoming a high priority requirement to integrate with traditional corporate analytic data sources. Cirro’s Next Generation Data Federation platform delivers on this requirement providing a single point-of-access for Hadoop, NoSQL, SaaS, relational and other data sources ... read on.

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