View from the Top: AddressDoctor

Steffen Niehues, General Manager, AddressDoctor

View from the Top by Steffen Niehues, General Manager, AddressDoctor

The success of major IT trends  including Big Data, Cloud and Social Media depends on high quality customer data. One crucial part of every data quality strategy is address validation. AddressDoctor significantly improves your global address quality in order to reduce costs, increase productivity and streamline your business processes. Our address validation software automatically corrects and standardizes postal addresses worldwide—no matter if your data is captured in a CRM or online shop, or stored in a database.

Since 1991, AddressDoctor’s international address validation software has been setting the highest standards in terms of quality, performance and expertise. Today, AddressDoctor headquartered in Germany, is the world’s leading provider of certified address validation and correction solutions and the only software provider with all five postal certifications in one engine.

Postal certifications serve as a standard for address data quality measurement and allow customers to benefit from postage discounts. They are an absolute necessity if you plan to post bulk mail at discounted rates within specific countries. Customers like direct marketing agencies or online shops benefit from accurate addresses which culminates in more efficient and timely mail delivery.

Why AddressDoctor?


•  All 5 postal certifications

•  >600 database updates a year

•  Geocoding up to building number level


•  Very high engine speed

•  Web Service availability >99.9%


•  240+ countries & territories

•  Excellent customer service since 1991

•  24/7 technical customer support


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