View from the Top: Attachmate

Tom Bice, Vice President, Products and Marketing, Attachmate

View from the Top by Tom Bice, Vice President, Products and Marketing, Attachmate

Today’s on-the-go workforce is driving us all to connect more data to more people on more devices. And there’s no shortage of “newer and better” ways to help you do that. But despite the persistent buzz about emerging technologies, keep this simple principle in mind:

The fastest way to get results is to build on what you have.

You can apply this principle right now to address three technology trends:

1.  Arrival of the BYOD Era

Smart devices are taking the workplace by storm. Using tablets or mobile phones, employees expect to access the data and applications required to do their jobs. With Attachmate® Verastream® software, you can quickly unlock your legacy assets and make them accessible to your mobile workforce—in any format, on any device.

2.  Retirement of Windows XP

Microsoft will retire Windows XP in less than a year—forcing IT organizations to ensure that their mission-critical legacy applications will work alongside Windows 7. With Attachmate Reflection® software, which is optimized for Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your Microsoft investment.

3.  Unprecedented Demands on the Database

Given the potential wealth embedded in your database information, you need a better way to integrate Unisys DMSII into modern business analytics. With Attachmate® DATABridge™ software, you can access the data you want, in real time and a usable format—while conserving your mainframe resources.

Keeping pace with the latest technology is a corporate necessity. But you don’t have to sacrifice your trusted data, applications, and processes along the way.


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