View from the Top: CA Technologies

Donna Burbank, VP of Product Marketing, CA ERwin

View from the Top by Donna Burbank, VP of Product Marketing, CA ERwin

At CA Technologies, we’ve been supporting data management professionals for over twenty years with our CA ERwin® data modeling products, and we feel privileged to have been an active part of the rapid transformation in the field of data management during this time. One of the more exciting changes I’ve seen is the increased interest and participation from the business side of customer organizations.

As more data-centric initiatives such as business intelligence, data quality, and data governance are at the forefront of organizational priorities, business executives are putting increased focused on data. At CA Technologies, we understand that data runs your business, and we’ve put a strong focus on developing a set of data modeling tools that can act as an “information hub” for today’s data management initiatives.

Through a data model, both business and technical stakeholders can have a common view of information in context (or metadata), so that organizations can have a better understanding of corporate data, managed in a more efficient and cost-effective way. In fact, we’ve done this ourselves at CA Technologies, building a business-centric data model that drives our enterprise-wide reporting.

It’s exciting to see our top executives working with the IT department to get a common understanding of the data the drives our business. I’m hopeful, as I see other large organizations following a similar path, that more and more companies are able to leverage data modeling not only to help drive IT agility, but to help manage and optimize their business as well.

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