View from the Top: Composite Software

Jim Green, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Composite Software

View from the Top by Jim Green, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Composite Software

With so much data today, the difference between business leaders and also-rans is often how well they leverage their data. Significant leverage equals significant business value, and that’s a big advantage over the competition.

I am proud that Composite Software’s data virtualization offerings have been selected by nearly two hundred of world’s largest organizations including Bank of America, Comcast, NYSE, Pfizer, Qualcomm and more, to help them take big advantage of their data. We can do the same for you.

Composite Software’s data virtualization market leadership is proven. We pioneered this category and have spent a decade delivering nearly 400 man years of R&D, six million lines of code and millions of hours of operational deployment. Our data virtualization expertise and thought leadership assets below are without equal. Please use them to learn more about data virtualization, in general, and Composite Software, in particular at

•  The first book on data virtualization, Data Virtualization: Going Beyond Traditional Data 
Integration to Achieve Business Agility

•  Data virtualization’s foremost microsite, the DV Café 

•  The Data Virtualization Leadership Series of analyst reports on data virtualization

•  Data virtualization’s only dedicated blog, the Data Virtualization Leadership Blog

•  The Data Virtualization Channel on YouTube with users, analysts, chalk talks and more

•  The Data Virtualization Leadership Awards honoring users

•  Data Virtualization Day Resources, assets from the premier event in data virtualization

•  Data virtualization’s longest running newsletter, Enterprise Information Insight

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