View from the Top: Confio Software

Don Bergal, CMO, Confio Software

View from the Top by Don Bergal, CMO, Confio Software

Development and production teams often work in silos, with separate tools and measures of success, and warring tensions between change and stability. Many of us have experienced firsthand how this fundamental tension underlies—and often undermines—IT initiatives. Development wants continuous change and enhancement. Production and operations want stability and controlled change. Finding a way to focus all IT teams on working together toward the common goal of business success is critical.

With roots in Agile, the DevOps movement has the potential to unite these factions into a cohesive team, but several critical steps must be taken:

1.   Give developers direct monitoring visibility to production, staging and test servers. Gartner says “You will never know reality until you know production” (Murphy/Kowall, January 2012).

2.   Enhance collaboration by making developers self-sufficient in their performance observations, and removing DBAs from the role of information gatekeeper.

3.  Make performance a stated functional requirement, not an afterthought.

4.   Establish shared metrics and a basis for equal access to metric reports across all teams.

5.  Focus all teams on the quality of the end-user experience.

Confio Ignite database performance solutions for DBAs, developers, and IT managers give the entire IT team a unified view into application performance on production, test and development servers, without sacrificing performance or security. Ignite’s simple charts and non-intrusive architecture bring developers and DBAs together as a collaborative team, with a common tool and easily shared information. Ignite helps shift the extended IT team’s focus to a common DevOps goal of improving end-user application performance.

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