View from the Top: Continuent Tungsten

Robert Hodges, CEO, Continuent Tungsten

View from the Top by Robert Hodges, CEO, Continuent Tungsten

The business world depends on data. Continuent’s Tungsten software offers a database-as-a-service that gives cost-effective MySQL databases the enterprise-class clustering and replication required by business-critical applications. Continuent Tungsten provides 24x7 data availability, performance scaling, and simple management without risky application changes or database upgrades. Continuent Tungsten operates at a fraction of the cost of commercial DBMS servers like Oracle and MS SQL Server.

Businesses need the flexibility to operate on-premises and in the cloud. Continuent Tungsten easily sets up disaster recovery sites across geographic regions and cloud providers to ensure business and revenue continuity. Continuent Tungsten’s advanced multi-master replication enables transaction processing in multiple locations to move data close to customers and ensure constant availability. 

Businesses are increasingly seeking easy-to-operate database-as-a-service solutions like Amazon RDS.  Continuent Tungsten offers not only the ease-of-use provided by RDS but also robust features required for enterprise applications. Continuent Tungsten provides automatic failover, DR across AWS regions and zero-downtime maintenance. Most importantly, Continuent avoids the lock-in of cloud-only solutions and gives users full control of their data. 

Finally, businesses need vendors they can trust. Continuent has over 100 deployed customers with names that include the most innovative and demanding businesses in the world: Adobe, American Express, AT&T Wireless, Constant Contact, EMC2, Juniper Networks, Marketo, Sage Group, Thomson Reuters,, and many more. 

Continuent Tungsten

An advanced Database-as-a-Service solution that can be rapidly deployed in the public cloud, private cloud or in your own data center.

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