View from the Top: Delphix

Jedidiah Yueh, CEO and Founder, Delphix

View from the Top by Jedidiah Yueh, CEO and Founder, Delphix

Delphix is happy to be included in the DBTA 100. We believe that agile data is already transforming how our customers view database and application management.

Enterprise applications must constantly evolve to meet changing business demands, triggering expensive projects that are often over budget and behind schedule. Today, many applications have to be migrated into new data centers, private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, onto SSDs, etc. adding more complexity and fragmentation to application portfolios. Moving and connecting data across locations and architectures has become a critical requirement.

Our Agile Data Platform delivers the right data to the right team at the right time. Our software engines non-disruptively collect data from current applications—even across the WAN—and deliver them as virtual databases for development, testing, QA, reporting, and innovation environments. Delphix combines virtualization via block sharing and change data technology to reduce storage requirements by 10x, reduce network load and wait times by 100x, and provide an integrated time machine that provides great control over data—enabling self-service data refresh, rollback, or federation for developers.

By putting application data on virtual rails, our customers roll out application projects in 20 to 80% less time, with improved testing and application quality. With fast time to value, Delphix can shorten timelines and complexity even for projects already in flight.