View from the Top: Embarcadero Technologies

Henry Olson, Director of Product Management, Embarcadero Technologies

View from the Top by Henry Olson, Director of Product Management, Embarcadero Technologies

Embarcadero Technologies gives 97% of the world’s top 2000 companies the tools needed to address the biggest challenges in data management. Facing significant growth in complexity, diversity and volume of enterprise data, companies worldwide are increasingly turning to data governance as a strategic solution. Helping our customers manage this complexity, and close the “governance gap” has been a major driver of innovation in our products.

We are delivering the next evolution in data management, based on capabilities for Metadata Governance and Syndication. These technologies allow business and technical users to collaboratively author an “Enterprise Information Map”, and includes the ability to deliver insight directly into critical data management workflows.  In doing so, we enable our customers to better understand and use their data, to identify errors and compliance violations before they occur, and to identify and prioritize opportunities for continuous improvement.

What does this mean in practice? A few examples:

• Data Warehouse—A data warehouse team is standardizing on RapidSQL to gain inline insight into the location and meaning of data elements, increasing productivity and reducing errors.

• External Audit—Several Canadian banks and brokerages, now scrambling to address the impacts of the loss of an auditor’s laptop, could have used Embarcadero’s technology to prevent the problem before it happened by reminding the data analyst to redact sensitive customer data not relevant to the audit.

• Impact Analysis—A leading theme park operator is eliminating tickets and introducing RFID identification for guests. The change impacts multiple systems.  A comprehensive view of the data landscape mitigates project risk and saves time and money by enabling interactive impact analysis.

Because Embarcadero’s database tools span design, architecture, and delivery, across all major database platforms, customers have the capability to make data governance policies real across their enterprise. They can effectively operationalize data governance—taking it out of the conceptual planning phase and enabling implementation and enforcement of  data governance rules.

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