View from the Top: EnterpriseDB

Ed Boyajian, President & CEO, EnterpriseDB

View from the Top by Ed Boyajian, President & CEO, EnterpriseDB

Open source software has enjoyed a surge in interest and demand over the last two years for its quality and cost savings. Companies like VMware, Microsoft (Skype), Apple, and Facebook (Instagram) are using PostgreSQL, the open source database. Other PostgreSQL users include the Federal Aviation Administration, the US State Department, ABN Amro, Fujitsu, Sony-Ericsson, and Sony Online Entertainment.

From its inception in the 1980s, PostgreSQL has remained completely independent, and an open developer community has guided the database through many important release cycles. As the Postgres database company, EnterpriseDB sponsors some of the most prolific and influential contributors to PostgreSQL to ensure that PostgreSQL continues to meet enterprise customer needs.

EnterpriseDB has integrated many enterprise features and performance enhancements into the core PostgreSQL code to create a database with the lowest possible TCO. EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus software provides the performance, security, and management capabilities that address a range of enterprise business applications. Breakthrough Oracle compatibility solutions enable customers to run many Oracle applications on Postgres Plus and we’ve developed a comprehensive migration program to help enterprises make the transition. Further, the Postgres Enterprise Manager, a powerful management console, gives database administrators the kind of visibility and flexibility they need to manage large, complex deployments, whether for PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus.

EnterpriseDB provides a portfolio of solutions that ensure success.  We have made the long-term commitment to meeting the demands of the enterprise with specialized products, support, and services.

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