View from the Top: HiT Software, Inc.

Giacomo Lorenzin, Managing Director of HiT Software

View from the Top by Giacomo Lorenzin, Managing Director of HiT Software, Inc., a BackOffice Associates LLC Company

At HiT Software, we know that fresh data is key to business success. Our clients rely on information about their systems, business units, customers or vendors that is no more than few hours, and often only a few minutes old. Reporting on seasonal pricing and promotions, or consumption of goods versus parts, or financial planning on interest earned all demand actionable data in real-time.

Large enterprises today have more than just one system of record—they have distributed sites that run various databases. How do they manage the task of understanding all that dissimilar data? The fastest way is to organize it into one system for reporting and analysis, but that requires a tool to consolidate data from multiple systems, and to update the data in real-time without affecting source system performance.

Our product DBMoto® delivers real-time data replication and change data capture to thousands of users who depend on it to keep their businesses running quickly and competitively. 

Data replication and change data capture solutions need to support not just databases, but high-performance analytic systems, data warehouses and Cloud data. We support every major database but we also partner with high-speed analytics leaders such as SAP® HANA, IBM® Netezza, HP® Vertica and Actian® Vectorwise to add real-time data updates to fast analytics. We support sharing fresh data between Cloud and onsite systems efficiently and safely. And we support real-time conduits of fresh information from high-value production systems to dashboards/reporting to empower business decision-making and competitive advantage.

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