View from the Top: Infobright

Don DeLoach, President and CEO, Infobright

View from the Top by Don DeLoach, President and CEO, Infobright

Infobright is proud to be selected for inclusion in the DBTA 100. Infobright’s investigative analytic engine enables organizations to extract rich, real-time insight from machine-generated data at the speed of business. Specifically focused on the rapid analysis of volumes of information from Web logs, mobile data, call records, stock tickers, sensors and more, Infobright empowers organizations to ask all the questions they want, and get the detailed answers they need to make better, faster and more profitable decisions.

Infobright’s solutions are distinguished by industry-leading data compression, super-charged ad hoc query performance and low-touch administration. Infobright’s patented and patent-pending data compression allows organizations to store larger historical data sets for more accurate analysis. With this deep compression, implementations can start with as little as a single server. Furthermore, load speeds are optimized no matter how much data or how diverse the data sources.

The speed of innovation is real-time, and systems and applications need ad hoc query performance to match. With Infobright, companies can run complex, fast-changing questions against their data and get fast insight—and all without indexing, partitioning or other manual configuration.

Affordable as well as simple to use, maintain and deploy, Infobright offers embedded and enterprise class solutions which enable companies in telecommunications and networking, financial services, media and advertising, and healthcare to use investigative analytics to gain competitive success. Learn how customers like Bango, JDSU, and Yahoo! are using Infobright to investigate their data, by visiting