View from the Top: Kore Technologies

Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Kore Technologies

View from the Top by Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Kore Technologies

Economic recessions are to the business cycle as wild fires are to a forest. They are dangerous but necessary to clear the overgrowth around the stronger trees and promote new life. When the 2008 recession hit, the stronger companies began strategically adapting to survive. Investing in Business Intelligence (“BI”) is one strategy that provides companies a way to look at their forest of data from a birds-eye view rather than through the trees. From this viewpoint, companies can identify their strengths and weaknesses and gain useful insights into their customers’ needs. Companies are also strategically re-thinking their eCommerce capabilities. Websites are becoming more engaging, informative, and dynamic to promote customer loyalty and to appeal to younger buyers who favor a keyboard and mouse over a telephone, unless of course it’s a smart phone. Contemporary websites become another useful source of business analytics.

Kore Technologies, like our clients, adapted during the recession, and now focuses exclusively in eCommerce and BI. With our extensive knowledge of the UniData /UniVerse (“U2”) database environment, we can work with any ERP application running on U2 such as Eclipse, Prelude, Colleague  and home-grown systems. The challenge for companies on U2 is the MultiValue  data structure is not easily accessible to modern software favoring relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Kourier Integrator, our flagship Extract Transform & Load (“ETL”) tool suite, was specially designed for U2. Kore has helped hundreds of clients unlock their data to take advantage of today’s modern technologies. When you are ready to upgrade that weary old website, our KommerceServer Solution is a full-featured ASP.NET storefront and portal. KommerceServer offers both dynamic Content Management as well as dedicated eCommerce capabilities integrated to your back office via Kourier Integrator. Our solutions will help prevent your company from getting lost in the trees.

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