View from the Top: MarkLogic

Gary Bloom, CEO, MarkLogic

View from the Top by Gary Bloom, CEO, MarkLogic

Data is an enabler—and an inhibitor. It can yield tremendous insights and answers, but when it is in the wrong format, too big or changing too frequently, it becomes a resource-sink—of people, knowledge and technology. Tools need to evolve to eliminate data constraints.

During the Mainframe Era, data was hierarchical. We would build monolithic COBOL programs that took years to create, requiring that you knew in advance exactly how a user would interact with the data. As people wanted more control, the Relational Era emerged, making queries application-independent. Relational is great technology for structured data that fits neatly into rows and columns. When you want to search it, you are largely searching on the columns. But when you need to add new types of data, you have to expand the schema and likely rebuild your interfaces and queries.

When data structures change or are varied, relational technology stymies agility.

We are now in the midst of an emerging era of database technology—the Any Structure Era, which relies on databases that store and manage data of various structures—or with no structure at all. The need to build applications quickly, ingest all these types of data without reformatting it or adjust schemas has spawned a new generation of databases for the unstructured data era. MarkLogic, one of the first NoSQL databases, uses XML as its data model to store data in a fully ACID, transactional repository. It indexes words, values and even the document structure and doesn’t require adherence to a particular schema. Through its application server capabilities, MarkLogic is programmable and extensible. Marklogic gives customers like Warner Bros., Dow Jones, Citi, BBC, and US government agencies unmatched competitive advantages of scalability, enterprise-readiness, transactional consistency, time-to-value and innovation.

It makes all that Any-Structured data very valuable and ensures that MarkLogic is enabling organizations to innovate in ways never thought imaginable—nor possible with relational databases.

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