View from the Top: Objectivity, Inc.

John J. Jarrell, CEO, Objectivity, Inc.

View from the Top by John J. Jarrell, CEO, Objectivity, Inc.

Within today’s ever-changing landscape of technology and consumer requirements, it can be difficult to understand what solutions are relevant for your data management needs. Wading through the hype of new solutions that can accomplish everything has taken up precious time and energy from the leadership of established organizations. Understanding how to implement the right tool for the job is not as simple as it seems and in many cases, it’s best to take into consideration the advantages of utilizing proven technologies to drive the most value from your solution stack.

Objectivity, Inc. is the Enterprise NOSQL leader, helping customers harness the power of Big Data. Our leading edge technologies: InfiniteGraph, The Distributed Graph Database™ and Objectivity/DB, a distributed and scalable object management database, enable organizations to discover hidden relationships for improved Big Data analytics and develop applications with significant time-to-market advantages and cost savings, achieving greater return on data-related investments.

Our proven technologies and thought leadership in this growing market make us an ideal and long-term solution partner for your data-intensive, decision support applications. As the Enterprise NOSQL leader, we offer our mission-critical customers time-to-market proven quality and open-use vs. open-source advantages of our newest products. For example, InfiniteGraph, the distributed and commercial graph database leader in the NOSQL market, enables our customers in finance, telecommunications, networking, manufacturing, healthcare, security and consumer data management with the advantage of a massively distributed and scalable solution platform for complex, real-time, predictive analytics applications.

Since our inception in 1988, Objectivity, Inc. has been committed to our customers’ success, with representatives worldwide. Our clients include: AWD Financial, CUNA Mutual, Draeger Medical, Ericsson, McKesson, IPL, Siemens and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Objectivity, Inc.   

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