View from the Top: Revolution Analytics

Dave Rich, CEO, Revolution Analytics

View from the Top by Dave Rich, CEO, Revolution Analytics

Big Data has changed the game for all of us. The performance and expertise required to manage and use the ever-increasing flow of data into our companies have effectively sidelined older technologies. A new generation of data analytics tools is emerging; built to scale without losing performance, able to incorporate more data from diverse sources in disparate formats, and deliver high confidence results in our on demand world.

Our next generation of users is an innovative group of data scientists with deep domain and industry expertise who are applying predictive analytics to increasingly complex business problems. They are demanding open systems that provide flexibility and speed for development and deployment. They want to move from test to production with speed and ease. The tools they are demanding are not always familiar to their IT counterparts. This is where Revolution R Enterprise bridges the gap between the traditional understanding of analytics tools and how business wins with predictive, Big Data analytics moving forward.

Revolution Analytics is the leading provider of an enterprise class analytics platform built on the open source language R. Revolution R Enterprise enables today’s analytics professionals to take advantage of the best and latest developments in statistical programming. Analysts can move quickly from prototype to test to production without having to migrate code and with complete confidence that their algorithms will perform at scale—and perform faster than legacy systems. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start your own Big Data Revolution.

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