View from the Top: SQLstream

View from the Top by Damian Black, CEO and Co-Founder, SQLstream

Damian Black, CEO and Co-Founder, SQLstream

Our vision is simple – to transform the way in which real-time data are processed. Businesses want to drive latency out of their operations. Machine data generated by their servers, networks and sensors contain valuable insights into transactions, performance and fraud for example, but is only useful if acted on in real-time. However, achieving this using today’s IT technology is like driving using only your rear view mirror – you’ll never see what’s coming until it’s too late!

Big Data platforms and RDBMS fall short when it comes to real-time – storing data and continually polling to re-evaluate queries introduces unacceptable latency and cost. Therefore true real-time platforms have remained a niche area, with expensive, bespoke development, and systems highly tailored to specific applications.

Our mission is to change that, to deliver a true SQL-standards based streaming data management platform that turns high velocity machine data into real-time operational intelligence before the data are stored.  SQLstream is built on a massively parallel, continuous query execution engine that delivers streams of valuable information to any consuming application or service. But why SQL? SQL is well defined and understood globally, it offers low cost and rapid development, and is ideally suited to dynamic optimization of streaming query execution over a massively distributed server infrastructure.

Our operational intelligence suite is built on the core streaming data management platform, s-Server, with additional enterprise products for visualization (s-Visualizer), log analytics (s-Analyzer), geospatial analytics (s-Transport), and Cloud deployment (s-Cloud).

SQLstream is revolutionizing data management. First, we had RDBMS, then Hadoop, and for querying the future rather than the past, SQLstream.

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