View from the Top: SnapLogic

Gaurav Dhillon, Chairman & CEO, SnapLogic

View from the Top by Gaurav Dhillon, Chairman & CEO, SnapLogic

The volume and diversity of information being exchanged in both structured and unstructured formats in the enterprise has shifted the center of gravity for data from on-premises to cloud architectures. In order to take advantage of the market opportunities that this Golden Age of data has offered, many organizations are innovating in the form of SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, because of its inherent benefits of speedy procurement, on-demand installation, portability to any device, efficient utilization of compute, network and storage resources and the ability to consume and repurpose use on demand.

Then, with so many SaaS applications and intelligent data sources proliferating, cloud sprawl or duplicated, siloed data sources appear and spread. Integration of SaaS and on-premises applications has become one of the top three challenges facing CIOs.

SnapLogic quickly and seamlessly integrates data across SaaS and on-premises applications. Customers have found that what used to take $3M and three years the old way to integrate even one application now takes $100K and 60 days using Snaps; I call this elastic integration.

CIOs can use elastic integration to rapidly innovate for the next generation of business challenges, versus battling legacy integration technology that doesn’t meet basic business needs quickly and cost-effectively.

Our view from the top is a vision of IT innovating at the top of the business value chain; one where smart technology liberates the organization, and where users, infrastructure, and data—can be anywhere.

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