View from the Top: Syncsort

View from the Top by Jorge Lopez, Senior Manager, Global Product Marketing, Syncsort

Customers across a wide variety of industries know analyzing Big Data is critical to sustain competitiveness. More importantly, they are quickly realizing that traditional architectures won’t help them, especially when it comes to integrating data – what we commonly know as ETL. 

Therefore, they are looking for alternative solutions, predominantly Hadoop, to process more data in less time and at a much lower cost. Hadoop is generating broad interest, and its adoption is increasing, however, it is not a complete enterprise ETL solution.

That’s where Syncsort comes in.  For years, we’ve helped some of the largest companies in the world meet Big Data challenges – even before they knew the term Big Data.

Our MFX sort product for Mainframe helps customers save significant money by slashing CPU costs and optimizing system resources. DMX, our high-performance ETL software for Windows, Unix and Linux, accelerates Data Integration performance, frees up database capacity, and reduces total cost of ownership so our customers can capitalize on Big Data opportunities. 

Now, we are bringing DMX capabilities to Hadoop with DMX-h, creating a more robust, feature rich and easy-to-use solution to deploy Enterprise ETL in Hadoop.

The common thread across all of our solutions is providing our customers with a smarter way to collect, process and distribute Big Data in less time, with fewer resources and lower TCO.