What's Ahead at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

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Each year, tens of thousands of data professionals from well over 100 countries gather at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco to learn more about Oracle’s ever-expanding ecosystem of technologies, products, and services during more than 2,000 sessions, demos, and hands-on-labs.

It’s a unique opportunity to learn about the critical information that will enable organizations to get the most from Oracle’s current products and technologies and its future product line-up, while interacting with customers, partners, Oracle users group representatives, and Oracle executives.

Hear from leaders of two major Oracle users' groups—David Start, president of the Independent Oracle Users Group, and Alyssa Johnson, president of the Oracle Applications Users Group—what they have planned for their members at Oracle OpenWorld 2017.

Known for pointing the direction for the 12 months ahead with keynotes and presentations delivered by top Oracle executives, the conference provides a glimpse into the key trends and innovations that will be important from the perspective of the hardware, software, and services giant. Moreover, the event provides many opportunities for entertainment and networking through Oracle and user-group sponsored events—including performances by Usher and Ellie Goulding this year at Oracle CloudFest.17.

Whether you're just starting, growing, or an established organization, at Oracle OpenWorld you'll find the latest in industry and product thought leadership. This year, Oracle has curated the content into targeted focus areas to help attendees get the most from the OpenWorld event experience: application development, artificial intelligence, customer experience, big data and analytics, database, finance, engineered systems, human resources, IaaS, industries, IoT, IT operations, PaaS, security, and supply chain.

Today, organizations are conducting business in a world driven by data. At the bottom of it all, they want to operate more efficiently, economically, and securely. Defining a seamless data strategy that incorporates infrastructure, cloud services, applications, and data management technologies lays the foundation for this approach, and the knowledge gained at OpenWorld each year provides a critical piece of that puzzle.

Here, we present insight from leaders of two major Oracle users' groups—David Start, president of the Independent Oracle Users Group, and Alyssa Johnson, president of the Oracle Applications Users Group—on what they have planned for members at Oracle OpenWorld 2017.

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