What's Ahead in 2014: 10 Emerging Companies to Watch

New and emerging companies are targeting their efforts on technologies to help customers improve data management processes and get more value from their data. Here, DBTA showcases the individual approaches of 10 companies we think are worth watching.

Applied Relevance

Applied Relevanceprovides software designed to help businesses organize and retrieve enterprise content. Its newest product, Epinomy, was developed using NoSQL database technology to help businesses unlock the hidden content in their big data. Epinomy uses a triplestore and provides unified search of unstructured and structured data using common taxonomies/ontologies.

ClearStory Data

With a mission to bring data intelligence to everyone, ClearStory provides an integrated application and platform that speeds analysis across internal and external data by simplifying access to disparate sources, automating data harmonization, and enabling fast exploration and collaborative analysis for business users and analysts

Concurrent, Inc.

Committedto Hadoop adoption across the enterprise, Concurrent is the team behind Cascading, an open source application development platform for building data-oriented applications on Hadoop. Its flagship enterprise solution, Driven, is an application performance management product that provides operational visibility of those applications from development through production.

Database Plugins

Focused onmultimedia development tools in the Oracle marketplace, Database Plugins provides a secure environment for the storing, streaming, transcoding, editing, and rendering of multimedia content to and from the Ora cle database. Its products include dbPlugin Server, created to make it easy for systems integrators to extend the logical capability of the Oracle database, and dbStreamer, a database multimedia streaming server that presents an intuitive framework to media-enable an Oracle database.


Founded to makebig data analytics work in real time, JethroData builds technology that lets non-technical users interactively explore data on Hadoop and get quick answers using standard SQL or common BI tools. Queries use indexes to access only the data that is needed rather than performing a full-scan of the entire dataset, resulting in a reduction in computing resources and an increase in speed.


MammothDB aims to smash the capital expenditure barrier to big data analytics with an inexpensive alternative to traditional data warehousing and business intelligence solutions. With products deployed in the cloud and onprem ises, MammothDB enables SQL-compatible reporting tools to interactively query against a Hadoop data store.


To provide advanced mathematical and technical computing functionality for use with massive datasets, Paradigm4 offers an open source computational database called SciDB. The shared-nothing, MPP distributed database runs on tens to thousands of commodity-hardware nodes in a cloud or private grid. Developed by database researcher and entrepreneur Mike Stonebraker as well as an experienced developer team, the company aims to meet the needs of data scientists, bioinformaticians, commercial and financial analysts, and researchers.


Contending that most analysts still spend the majority of their time trying to get the right data to analyze, Paxata provides a purpose-built solution that delivers Adaptive Data Preparation for the business analyst with the ability to import, explore, combine, share, and publish. Central to the platform is a proprietary semantic fusion and machine learning engine that transforms raw data on-the-fly based on the answer set users need to prepare.


Helping companies securely explore their data, Sqrrl is the creator of Sqrrl Enterprise, a scalable and flexible NoSQL database, powered by Apache Accumulo. With a combination of security controls, petabyte scalability for multi-structured data, native Hadoop integration, and analytic capabilities such as full-text search, aggregations, and graph analysis, Sqrrl Enterprise is used by customers to rapidly build applications on top of their big data.


A performance databasecompany that aims to deliver big data capabilities to open source data management platforms, Tokutek was formed to commercialize Fractal Tree indexing. Tokutek’s patented Fractal Tree indexing technology is a write-optimized algorithm that reduces I/O through intelligent buffering, and allows users to leverage it without having to change applications.