June 8, 2022

News Flashes

The global blockchain in supply chain market is expected to grow at an exponential rate by 2028, primarily due to increasing demand for greater security in the working of various supply chains. The rising adoption of product traceability to increase transparency in manufacturing processes is expected to make the product traceability sub-segment the most profitable one. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest growing in the forecast period.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is unveiling HPE Swarm Learning, a breakthrough AI solution to accelerate insights at the edge, from diagnosing diseases to detecting credit card fraud, by sharing and unifying AI model learnings without compromising data privacy.

Although IPFS—the so-called Interplanetary File System— has far less name recognition than blockchain, it represents one of the essential technologies underlying the current boom in NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

SAP and Unilever are partnering to pilot the GreenToken by SAP solution to further increase traceability and transparency in Unilever's global palm oil supply chain. "Unilever is committed to achieving a deforestation-free supply chain by 2023, and blockchain technology has the potential to help companies, like ours, track their supply chains to ensure the commodities we source respect people and the planet," said Dave Ingram, chief procurement officer, Unilever.