March 8, 2023

News Flashes

Fluree, provider of a graph ledger database and data pipeline toolset for secure-data management and sharing, is partnering with Fabric to remove "middleman" companies, such as Facebook and Google, that currently collect consumer data and sell it to advertisers without express permission of the individuals in question.

MSRcosmos is launching an SAP modernization-in-a-box solution, powered by Microsoft Azure, the solution aims to transform the SAP landscape into an agile and intelligent enterprise architecture by extracting full capabilities of cloud, data and AI, and intelligent automation.

Sometime during the pandemic, I stopped carrying a wallet when leaving the house. Almost all shops supported—often insisted on—touchless payments, so there was no need to carry around paper money, and since my phone was fully able to perform touchless payments, my phone became all I needed to navigate the commercial world. I'm sure most of you have had a similar experience.