September 7, 2022

News Flashes

1Kosmos, a company that unifies identity proofing and passwordless authentication, and Simeio, a global managed services provider focused on identity and access management in the cybersecurity industry, are partnering to help customers transition from passwords to identity-based verification using the 1Kosmos BlockID platform.

InfStones and Oracle are collaborating on integrating InfStones' blockchain development platform with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to accelerate Web3 development. This collaboration will help deliver important insights that drive the evolution, development, and adoption of Web3 applications worldwide, according to the vendors.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem strikes as being in a perpetual state of boom and bust, though the long-term trend is an increasing valuation for crypto assets. Within the crypto space, NFTs are particularly bubbly. Individual NFTs have sold for as much as $67 million, while total NFT sales reached $40 billion in 2021.

RKVST, a provider of supply chain integrity, transparency and trust, is offering a free and subscription-based team tier of its enterprise SaaS solution, allowing organizations of any size to collaborate on and share data in near real-time, confident in the trustworthiness of that data.