May 30, 2024

News Flashes

Strata Identity, the Identity Orchestration company, is debuting Maverics Identity Continuity, a product addition to Strata's Maverics Identity Orchestration platform engineered to offer seamless, always-on identity access continuity in multi-cloud environments. As the majority of businesses rely on the cloud, Strata paves the way for continuous application access even when a primary identity provider (IDP) is down, according to the company.

Lightbend, the inventors of the Akka distributed application platform, is unveiling the latest iteration of Akka, offering a myriad of new capabilities in the realms of security and compliance, performance, edge computing, and ecosystem support. Akka 24.05's updates—fueled by customer feedback and market trends—aim to make building systems that take full advantage of the cloud and edge easier and more cost effective than ever, according to Lightbend.

LogicMonitor, the leading SaaS-based hybrid observability solution powered by AI, is announcing a new capability as part of its LM Envision platform—a SaaS-based, unified observability platform that empowers modern enterprises to adopt a cloud-ready operating model for effectively meeting key business demands. This new feature—dubbed LM Cost Optimization—leverages AI to power cost optimization for next-gen cloud operations (CloudOps) and platform engineering teams.

dbt Labs, the pioneer in analytics engineering, is introducing dbt Cloud enhancements designed to help businesses turn data into a competitive advantage as companies' data volumes explode and the need for trustworthy, high-quality data increases. "Accurate and timely data is crucial, which is why we've delivered a standardized way to quickly build reliable, holistic, and high-quality data pipelines at scale," said Luis Maldonado, VP of product at dbt Labs. "These new features take this even further, significantly improving data workflows and AI workloads, all while empowering more users with powerful business insights."   

Think About It

Pavithra Rao, delivery solutions architect at Databricks, and Taylor McGrath, VP solutions engineering at Rivery, joined DBTA's webinar, From Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs: Data Integration Unleashed, to examine how enterprises can put advanced cloud computing to work—and accelerate their data delivery by 7.5X—while maintaining cost efficiency.