October 27, 2022

News Flashes

Apollo GraphQL, the supergraph company, is releasing Apollo GraphOS, an end-to-end platform that can build, connect, and scale any supergraph. GraphOS is the execution fabric for the supergraph—a powerful runtime that connects backend and frontend systems in a modular way. It offers self-hosted or cloud-hosted routing, so users can choose to operate the supergraph in the cloud, and build without complex infrastructure setup or configuration, according to the company.

Lacework, the data-driven cloud security company, is launching a new, open-source tool for cloud hunting and security efficacy testing after unveiling its recent Cloud Threat Report. The new tool, known as Cloud Hunter, will help customers keep pace with ever-improving adversarial tradecraft through advanced environmental analysis and improved incident response time.

Oracle is introducing several new distributed cloud offerings to meet customers' diverse needs and the growing demand for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). These new options include Oracle Alloy, Oracle MySQL HeatWave for Microsoft Azure, and plans to open new public cloud regions in Chicago, Serbia, and Mexico.

RisingWave Labs, the streaming database company, announced it has received $36 million in a recent round of funding, allowing the company to meet surging demand for streaming databases that enable users to make real-time decisions based on the most recent data. 

SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc., a provider in enterprise identity security, is offering new innovations infused into the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud to help enterprises move beyond the traditional identity governance approach of looking at access after-the-fact and replacing it with a forward-looking approach to managing access.

Think About It

Is it getting easier or more difficult to lock down data in today's digital enterprises? Industry leaders have mixed opinions on the state of that challenge. Cloud vendors promise industrial-grade security for backend applica­tions and data, while at the same time the move to cloud increases complexity.