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Five Minute Briefing - Data Center
June 14, 2021

Five Minute Briefing - Data Center: June 14, 2021. Published in conjunction with SHARE Inc., a bi-weekly report geared to the needs of data center professionals.

News Flashes

QTS Realty Trust and Blackstone have entered into a definitive agreement under which Blackstone Infrastructure Partners, Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust, Inc. and other long-term perpetual capital vehicles managed by Blackstone will acquire all outstanding shares of common stock of QTS Realty Trust in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $10 billion.

IBM is creating the IBM Center for Government Cybersecurity, a collaborative environment focused on helping federal agencies address current and future cybersecurity threats. The center will facilitate events and learnings, drawing on IBM's cybersecurity expertise from delivering software and managed services to over 17,500 security customers globally.

With new "data models" and types of database systems purported to be better than relational, it seems that the industry is all too ready to stick a fork in relational. So, is relational technology outdated? There are all sorts of pretenders to the throne for data management including Hadoop, XML, and the various types of NoSQL database products. But why? Are there truly any shortcomings in the relational way that require its wholesale replacement?

Data onboarding is a crucial but painstaking process that holds back individual companies and entire industries from reaching their full potential. The last thing a company wants is to lose a client over frustration due to data migration. A new survey of 5,000 managers and executives—many from outside IT departments—conducted by Flatfile has found that more than three-quarters of respondents either "sometimes or often" run into problems onboarding data.

Sunlight.io, a developer of virtualization technology for data-intensive applications, is joining an OEM partnership with Altos Computing, a subsidiary of Acer Inc., to create efficient hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) appliances. By combining the power of Sunlight's NexVisor HCI stack and Altos BrainSphere servers, organizations can run resource-intensive workloads like AI and analytics with high density, ultra-high performance and simple scalability, from the edge to the core data center, according to the vendors.

News From SHARE

"Packed Decimal Pachyderms" — that's us. Mainframe Elephants — long memories, very versatile, and — until recently — mostly grey. But if the pachyderm reference is obscure, the packed decimal part probably qualifies as obfuscation if used beyond the scope of mainframe technical insiders.

Think About It

In a new article in Big Data Quarterly, NVIDIA's Jim Scott writes about cyBERT which provides a toolset powered by NLP to perform log parsing,which is a game changer in the critical and time-sensitive area of cybersecurity.