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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
August 6, 2013

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: August 6, 2013. A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

Datawatch Corporation, a provider of information optimization solutions, introduced new server and management automation capabilities for its Datawatch Monarch Professional, Datawatch Data Pump and Datawatch Enterprise Server products. Datawatch says the new releases of its flagship information optimization software will enable businesses to better secure, simplify and accelerate their big data and business intelligence applications, and also extend the technology to more users.

Progress Software announced availability of new data connectivity and application capabilities as part of its Progress Pacific application platform-as-a-service (aPaaS) for building and managing business applications on any cloud, mobile or social platform. "Pacific is a platform running in the cloud that is targeted at small and medium-size businesses, ISVs and departmental IT," John Goodson, chief product officer at Progress Software, explained in an interview. Instead of requiring a highly trained IT staff to build applications, Goodson says, the platform provides a visual design paradigm that allows users with limited skills to build powerful applications that can quickly connect to any data sources.

Protegrity USA, Inc., a provider of end-to-end data security solutions, has announced general availability of release 6.5 of its Data Security Platform. This latest release expands the Protegrity Big Data Protector capabilities to include support and certification on many Apache Hadoop distributions. In addition, the new File Protector Gateway Server provides another option for fine-grain data protection of sensitive data before it enters Hadoop or other data stores.

SAP AG introduced new high availability and disaster recovery functionality with SAP Sybase Replication Server for SAP Business Suite software running on SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP Sybase ASE). "After only a year and a quarter supporting the Business Suite, ASE has already garnered about 2,000 customer installations. This easily provides that near zero-downtime for HA/DR that is non-intrusive to the system using Replication Server as the key enabling technology," said Dan Lahl, vice president, Database Product Marketing, SAP, in an interview.

Syncsort, a provider of big data integration solutions, is expanding its partner program to recruit regional systems integrators (RSIs) that have big data practices. The company is looking for RSIs that have specialized systems integration solutions and services expertise that will add value for customers using DMX-h, DMX and MFX ETL and Sort for a variety of use cases to sort, integrate and process big data in support of critical business intelligence and analytics.

Think About It

One of the principles within relational theory is that each entity's row or tuple be uniquely identifiable. This means the defined structure includes some combination of attributes whose populated values serve to identify an individual row within the table/relation. This, or these, attribute(s) are the candidate key(s) for the structure. The candidate key is also known as the primary key, or if a structure has multiple candidate keys, then one of them is designated as the primary key. When building up a logical design, primary keys should be identified by the actual data points in play.