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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
November 1, 2011

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: November 1, 2011. A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

MarkLogic Corporation today announced general availability of MarkLogic 5, the latest version of its next generation database for unstructured information. MarkLogic 5 includes a new connector for Hadoop to enable large-scale batch processing for big data analytics on the structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data residing inside MarkLogic. Using MarkLogic for real-time analytics with Hadoop for batch processing supports companies that need real time, secure, enterprise applications that are cost effective with high performance. With simple drop-in installation, organizations can run MapReduce on data inside MarkLogic and take advantage of Hadoop's development and management tools, all while being able to leverage MarkLogic's indexes and distributed architecture for performance, resulting in enhanced search, analytics, and delivery in MarkLogic, and enabling organizations to progressively enhance data without having to remove it from the database.

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