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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
October 13, 2020

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: October 13, 2020. A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

DataOps has emerged as an agile methodology to improve the speed and accuracy of analytics through new data management practices and processes—from data quality and integration to model deployment and management. Chris Bergh, CEO and head chef, DataKitchen, will lead a workshop on DataOps titled, "Getting Started With DataOps: Orchestrating The Three Pipelines" at the Data Summit Connect Fall 2020 conference.

Tellius, the decision intelligence company, announced that the Tellius platform is available in AWS Marketplace, allowing customers to try, purchase, and deploy Tellius within their AWS account. Tellius offers a decision intelligence platform for business and analytics teams to make smarter decisions from their enterprise data using AI-driven Guided Insights.

Alation, a provider of enterprise data intelligence solutions, has formed a partnership with Dataiku, an enterprise AI and machine learning platform, to ensure that sensitive data used to create AI and machine-learning models is properly classified and governed. With the Alation and Dataiku integration, data scientists have immediate access to curated data ingested directly into Dataiku.