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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
February 2012

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

Entrinsik is launching its new Informer dashboard product at the Informer User Conference (ICON). In addition, Entrinsik has also announced its first annual Operational Business Intelligence Awards for users who have applied Informer's capabilities to improve operational efficiency.

InterSystems will hold its annual Global Summit, March 18-21, at the Peabody Orlando in Florida. The Global Summit is composed of three conferences: the Developer Conference, the Executive Leadership Conference, and the Healthcare Leadership Conference.

Revelation Software has announced new features as well as patches and enhancements that will be added in OpenInsight (OI) 9.3.1. The new release will include O4W 1.3 as well as the OI connector for OpenQM from LadyBridge Systems. In addition, Revelation has announced that its next user conference will be held in Nashville, Tenn., in April 2013.

Rocket U2 has announced the availability of new offerings, including the U2 DBTools package, U2 RESTful Web Services, and wIntegrate v. 6.3. In addition, the dates have been finalized for U2 University, with the U.S. event taking place in downtown Denver May 8 to May 10, followed by the U.K. event from June 26 to 28, and the Australia event scheduled for August 14 to 16.