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Five Minute Briefing - SAP
June 23, 2010

Published in conjunction with the Independent SAP Technical User Group (formerly the International Sybase User Group), this monthly publication contains news, market research, insight for the SAP user community, as well as ISUG-TECH news and information.

News Flashes

Bradmark Technologies, Inc., an established provider of application solutions for database management, has announced the release of Surveillance IQ for Sybase IQ 15 analytics server. With additional monitoring metrics for non-Multiplex, Multiplex, VLDB, and ETL options, this release bolsters Bradmark's continuing development of its premier Sybase monitoring and event management solution for customers who run some of the world's most critical data and need to cost-effectively maintain high performance and reliability.

Embarcadero Technologies, a provider of database design, development and management tools for all major database platforms, has unveiled a new line of XE branded database products that incorporate three distinguishing features - deep, native support across all major databases with a consistent user interface, centralized license management and on-demand tool access via Embarcadero ToolCloud, and an easy upgrade path to Embarcadero All-Access XE.

GridApp Systems, Inc., provider of database automation solutions, introduced the latest version of its database automation software, which emphasizes self-service IT and self-powering databases. The new release, GridApp Clarity 6.5, incorporates fine-grained permissioning and delegated administration, designed to enable business application owners to access and manage application resources without the need to engage specialized IT professionals, such as database administrators.

ISUG and eLearnIT started their online training offerings with a comprehensive training program for PowerBuilder, and are now adding a new ASE training course. 5 Minute Briefing: Sybase talks with Mike Harrold, executive director of ISUG, about the training and why it's needed.

Sybase has announced the availability of Sybase Advantage Server 10, the latest version of its client/server database with both ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method) table-based and SQL-based data access.

The preliminary agenda for Sybase TechWave 2010, to be held August 9-11 at the Hilton Washington, in Washington, DC, is available now. Sybase has announced it is planning to expand the event to include another day of technical training

Think About It

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ISUG-Tech News and Information

ISUG has announced that it is accepting nominations for its open Communications Director position.