April 2017

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Trends and Applications

While not the most media-hyped technology, databases are certainly one of the most crucial when it comes to our always-online, always-connected society. Databases power not just the applications and websites we use every day, but the businesses that generate revenue and fuel the economy. The internet relies on functioning and well-performing databases to operate.

"Temporality" is a term that database managers know well, but it may be a new one for business managers. That has to change, as the temporality your database supports­—or, how it handles time—could be the difference between whether or not the business will increase revenue, pay a fine, or identify new opportunities. Especially important in this regard is "bitemporality," which is the ability to examine data across different points in time.

Over the past 5 years, the volume of data that businesses use to stay relevant and operational has exponentially increased, and shows no signs of slowing. Within this vast quantity of data, the answers to critical business questions lie dormant, waiting to be accessed. Who are the most valuable customers? What are they buying? How can I get them to purchase more from me, and how can I find more like them?

Columns - Database Elaborations

It often seems that working around things is a full-time task in every area of information technology. When workarounds are conceived and deployed, people are not always in agreement.

Columns - DBA Corner

Every good DBA understands that backing up their database data is a non-optional part of assuring data availability and integrity. As a DBA, you need to know the difference between a full image copy backup and an incremental image copy backup and implement the proper image copy backup strategy based on application needs and database activity.

Columns - Quest IOUG Database & Technology Insights

There has been plenty of dialogue within the IT community about when to migrate to the cloud, how to migrate to the cloud, which provider offers customers the best cloud environments, and the due diligence or governance that is necessary before taking that big step. There are larger waves of change nipping at our heels, yet we seem content to continue discussing a technology that is a means to an end.

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

I always look forward to new research from Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc., publishers of this magazine and other great products for data professionals. The latest report which you should read is "SQL Server Transformation: Toward Agility & Resiliency 2017; PASS Database Management Survey."

Columns - Emerging Technologies

There's a wide and growing acceptance that containers are replacing operating systems as the deployment target for application components. While application modules were previously designed to be installed upon a specific version of an operating system on a particular hardware platform, they are now increasingly being designed to run within a virtualized representation of an operating system—most frequently within a Docker container.

MV Community

IDS, a leading RV, Marine and Trailer dealership software provider, is partnering with Kore Technologies, adding the Kourier Integrator REST Gateway and associated capabilities to its Astra G2 platform. The move makes dealership data more accessible through RESTful web services application programming interface (API).

ONgroup Intl., a provider of solutions that combine MultiValue with SQL, .NET and more, is launching its platform directly on Microsoft .NET, giving users the opportunity to boost their MultiValue systems. Companies can run in the .NET or Mono CLR, the Common Language Runtime. MVON# is the toolset that allows sites to keep what works while removing barriers to integration with contemporary technologies.