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April 2024

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Trends and Applications

Data management needs AI and machine learning (ML), and, just as important, AI/ML needs data management. As of now, the two are connected, with the path to suc­cessful AI "intrinsically linked to modern data manage­ment practices," said Dan Soceanu, senior product manager for AI and data management at SAS. Blazing this path requires "pri­oritizing data quality, accessibility, and governance."

Data makes the world go round, but there are gaps in the data needed to make the products and raw materials that move around the world. Unforeseen events around the globe—such as weather, wars, ships running aground, or infrastructure issues such as the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse that closed the main shipping lane in and out of the Port of Baltimore—can wreak havoc with even the most carefully planned supply chains.

AI talent is in high demand; AI reveals brain oscillations for memory and disease; AI may allow us to talk to whales; AI can help plan meals and other tasks; an AI platform for dentistry just raised $53 million. That was the tip of the AI news iceberg—in one day. Has technology ever garnered so much interest, so widely, so fast? Amid the hype lies the incalculable promise of AI—and the fear of getting left behind by competitors that figure it out first. It's no wonder that organizations are rushing to implement AI, ready or not. The trouble is, many are not ready.

Data insights have never been more vital to business operations than they are today. Line-of-business (LOB) teams rely on data insights to drive sustainable growth, lead business operations, and understand cus­tomer behaviors and needs. The growing demand for data analytics has spurred a flourishing $31 billion-plus industry of established and emerging tech companies—but is the data analytics tech stack working for enterprises? Despite years of investment and effort, research indicates that 95% of businesses still strug­gle with operational challenges around data and analytics, leaving only 5% with the competitive advantage data-driven decision making delivers.

Columns - Database Elaborations

There is an old quote attributed to various origins that says, "When I hear the word ‘culture,' I reach for my gun." The saying expresses frustration at a term, in this case "culture" being used, abused, and politicized beyond all forbearance. Even when it was first popularized, it was a line meant to draw laughter from the audience of a play, rather than suggesting anyone carry an actual firearm. And no one is suggesting anyone do so now. "Relational" is a term that, over the last few decades, has undergone its own level of use, abuse, and politicization.

Columns - DBA Corner

Every DBA knows that a test platform is required to prop­erly enable application development. Indeed, testing has always been crucial, but it has become more complicated with the advent of new technologies, platforms, and devices, not to mention the impact of regulatory compliance. One of the biggest challenges faced by DBAs and developers is managing test data.

Columns - Next-Gen Data Management

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of serving on the organizing committee for the DataTune conference in my hometown of Nashville, Tenn. Unlike many database-specific or platform-specific conferences, which tend to focus on analytics and data science, DataTune covers a wide variety of topics such as database engineering, development, admin­istration, and analytics. I was delighted to be joined on the committee by two friends, Dustin Dorsey and Cameron Cyr, authors of Unlocking dbt: Design and Deploy Transfor­mations in Your Cloud Data Warehouse.

Columns - Emerging Technologies

The impact of generative AI (GenAI) is massive and is only going to increase. One area most immediately affected is journalism. Any job that involves the processing and production of the written word is a job that could be impacted by GenAI, which—at the end of the day—is designed to process language inputs and produce convincing output.

MV Community

Rocket Software announced it has published a new paper titled, "Protecting Your Business, A Practical Guide to System Recovery using Rocket jBASE Transaction Journaling" after recognizing a pressing need for resilience and recoverability. With businesses relying heavily on digital systems for operations, finance, and customer engagement, any disruption can have far-reaching consequences.