August 2014

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Trends and Applications

Speed and Performance in Oracle's Spotlight This Year

Big data is coming from everywhere and anywhere, creating massive headaches for data managers and IT executives. The good news is that some enterprises are gaining a semblance of control over, and are seeing business value from, their big data assets. What's troubling though is that most organizations are only just beginning to recognize the scope of the challenge that lies ahead of them and are not satisfied with the pace of data integration.

Columns - Big Data Notes

The pioneers of big data, such as Google, Amazon, and eBay, generated a "data exhaust" from their core operations that was more than sufficient to allow them to create data-driven process automation. But, for smaller enterprises, data might be the scarcest commodity. Hence, the emergence of data marketplaces.

Columns - Database Elaborations

A healthy data warehouse environment can self-correct to accomplish the right things. And that self-correction is crucial, for no process is likely to be perfect from the start.

Columns - DBA Corner

Programs that read database data can access numerous rows and are therefore susceptible to concurrency problems. To get around this issue, most major RDBMS products support read-through locks, also known as "dirty read" or "uncommitted read," to help overcome concurrency problems. When might you want to consider using dirty reads in your applications?

Columns - Quest IOUG Database & Technology Insights

The Internet of Things integrates multiple wired and wireless communication, control, and IT technologies, which connect various terminals or subsystems under a unified platform that uses open and standardized data technologies such as XML/web services/SOA. So how will this impact you and/or your organization? The biggest areas of concern are security and privacy.

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

If you've ever worked with a packaged product, such as a CRM system, that includes reporting and querying features, then you know how inflexible they are. It can be infuriatingly difficult to get data out of these systems, systems for which you paid big money, without losing sleep, hair, and peace of mind. Enter PowerBI.

MV Community

Presort First Class is a full-service mail provider, offering a complete turnkey operation with the ability to import customers' data into its own systems, print and fold their documents, insert them into envelopes, and then seal and meter the mail before submitting it in bulk to the U.S. Postal Service. A critical aspect of growing the business is staying current with new technology. To stay agile, the company relies on Revelation Software's OpenInsight 9.4, and is also eyeing new capabilities that are expected to become available in the upcoming release of OpenInsight 10.0, particularly the new Couchbase connector.

Kore Technologies has released a new version of Kourier Integrator, which continues to strengthen Kourier's support for external non-U2 data sources, and provides clients with more options and flexibility when designing ODBC-type exports to extract and transform data.

Rocket Software has introduced U2 Clients July 2014, with improvements have been made to how the clients are organized and installed. To help save time and make the installation process less complicated, customers can install the exact clients they need - not a large grouping as previously packaged.

Entrinsik has revamped its website to be easier to use and navigate, with the help of technology partner, Big Bite Creative. In addition, Entrinsik has introduced an interactive Informer Dashboard into the site at www2.entrinsik.com/InformerSugarDashboard, enabling visitors to interact with and get a feel for how dashboards work. Informer Dashboards allow users to see the big picture view of their data in just a few clicks, performing ad hoc data analysis with easy-to-use, interactive visualizations.