December 2018

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Trends and Applications

Increasingly, DBAs are seeing artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning applied to database management and optimization, taking self-healing and self-tuning to the next level. These solutions, from both database and third-party vendors, allow DBAs to spend less time searching for bottlenecks, and more time doing more productive and creative work in support of strategic business goals.

Everything changes—especially when we seek to automate tasks. Automation is leading to amazing consumer benefits—from vehicles to clothing to voice-activated devices—and making our lives better. In the workplace, as automation becomes applied to repetitive tasks that are being handled manually, people become concerned about their livelihoods. Will they lose their jobs? How will they provide for themselves and their family? How will automation impact them personally?

The year just ending has been an interesting one for data managers. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning took center stage, which also meant an increasingly glaring spotlight on data sourcing, management, and viability. The continued rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) also meant no letting up on demands for data environments to deliver requirements fast and furiously. The year ahead will bring more of the same—as well as a continuation of the transformation of information management.

How fast and far can databases grow, and how can such growth be sustained? That's the question faced by many data managers these days, who deal with growing demands from their businesses for real-time, analytical capabilities, incorporating data-driven initiatives such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. They are responding and keeping up with these requirements through a combination of cloud resources and automation.

Columns - Database Elaborations

Data mart builders must understand what they are working to accomplish. The DBMS is not going to magically guide them to a solution. The builder is responsible for knowing how dimensional techniques work, why they work, and what options may exist within the dimensional framework.

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Managing the performance of database systems and applications is a significant job responsibility for DBAs. From a database perspective, there are three basic performance components that must be performed.

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Student or junior DBAs often ask about the skills they will need to be effective in the modern technical landscape. And, as the technology changes, or course so do the required skill sets. The tool landscape that the DBA needs to understand is moving toward the DevOps realm. That doesn't mean that DBAs need to be DevOps experts—they're still different roles. But rather, there is some overlap and, at the very least, the DBAs need to be familiar with and, in some cases, use these tools.

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

The 2018 Microsoft Ignite conference was overflowing with attendees this year, as user enthusiasm continues to grow with the advent of CEO Satya Nadella.

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Anomalies—Predicting the Past

Columns - Emerging Technologies

GraphQL has emerged as the favorite alternative to REST for modern web API design. GraphQL was first used internally at Facebook before being open sourced in 2015. GraphQL is described as a data query and manipulation language which at first glance might suggest more in common with SQL than with REST. However, in reality both GraphQL and REST are applicable across a very similar range of web API scenarios.

MV Community

South African technology distributor Axiz is partnering with BlueFinity for the distrubution of Evoke. The partnership will enable Axiz to distribute Evoke to customers across the South African continent as well as providing for the support, development and implementation services associated with the development of business apps. Axiz will also leverage Evoke to design and develop its own apps for the benefit of its customers.

BlueFinity is introducing new features to its signature platform Evoke, enabling new machine learning and AI capabilities. To improve help and support for end-users of an Evoke App a new Chatbot feature is being added, giving gives users chat-style AI support.

Pick Cloud is introducing another cloud hosting option that bundles printing and reporting as part of its Google cloud offering. "It is now easier than ever for MultiValue customers to enter the cloud. Those wanting to start their journey securely and affordably can now do so with our cloud starter pack," said Mark Pick, CEO of Pick Cloud.