February 2008

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Trends and Applications

The data explosion driving data warehouse equipment purchases in the last few years has just begun. Equipment proliferation already pressurizes data center energy requirements. Fortunately, a column-based analytics server can help companies with both kinds of green - the environment and money - by offering enormous energy and cost reductions while significantly boosting performance.

When database administrators swap war stories, they are likely to relate similar tales about the woes of managing time-series data that may include clogs, jams, and general inefficiency. Why the ubiquitous complaints? Because a standard, relational database is not equipped to handle the rigorous demands this kind of data dishes out to its handlers.

Emerging as the face of business intelligence (BI), dashboard technology has proven to be an integral component of any enterprise-wide BI strategy. Dashboards allow companies to benefit from a wealth of data and leverage their information assets through visually rich, responsive, and personalized BI indicators. Moreover, through effective BI dashboards, business leaders gain heightened insight into and visibility across the organization, allowing them to detect and solve problems quickly and make informed decisions on the spot.