January 2009

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Trends and Applications

Complex Event Processing is only a few years old, but it is rapidly entering the mainstream in a large number of fields that require continuous analysis of large volumes of real-time data.

Combining Database Clustering and Virtualization to Consolidate Mission-Critical Servers

Database administrators are critically important contributors in modern enterprises, ensuring that key infrastructure is performing optimally in support of the organization's goals. Like employees in every department, the best DBAs are constantly seeking to increase the value of their contributions and, correspondingly, to increase their compensation and to advance in their organizations. Increasing knowledge and skills and taking more important responsibilities are time-honored methods for career advancement. Here are 10 concrete suggestions for DBAs looking to get ahead.

Columns - Applications Insight

In the classic comedy, "The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy," a frustrated Ford Prefect can't understand why a bunch of marketing consultants shipwrecked on prehistoric earth can't invent the wheel.

Columns - Database Elaborations

Occasionally the database under design becomes more than a one-off project. For example, the data mart or data warehouse might act as a profit center for the organization, and as a solution sold to many customers. The possibility exists to capture a basic truth for a given industry in a simple universal design exactly suiting everyone. But unless the situation really qualifies as a valid "one-size-fits-all" circumstance, one needs a level of customization within the architecture.

Columns - DBA Corner

Staffing the DBA organization is not a simple matter. Several non trivial considerations must be addressed, including the size of the DBA staff and the reporting structure for the DBAs.

Columns - The Enterprise Environment

More than a decade ago, some IBM researchers began pitching a bold vision of information technology, called utility computing at the time, in which processing power would be made available just as electricity is available, as easily accessible as plugging into an outlet in a wall.

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

SQL Server has supported VLDBs (very large databases) for some time now. Back in the SQL Server 2000 days, I recall hearing multi-terabyte databases were unusual but doable. Now, they are commonplace, while databases in the hundreds of terabytes inhabit the part of the map that says "there be dragons." While VLDBs are quite common on SQL Server today, highly scalable systems that can be flexibly extended in the same fashion as Oracle/RAC are less so. So, how do you design a highly available architecture for SQL Server if it's not like Oracle/RAC.

MV Community

BlueFinity International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, has created a Google Group to promote online discussion about its suite of .NET Development products for MultiValue users.

Crowell Systems, through a recent partnership with Management Information Tools, Inc. (MITS), will offer users of the Medformix XXV system integrated ad hoc reporting and the opportunity to further enhance the system with custom business intelligence analytics and dashboards. Crowell Systems is a leading provider of integrated clinical and organization management systems for the healthcare industry, servicing both single-site and larger, multi-site Ophthalmic and Allergy practices. The Medformix XXV enterprise medical solution offers a practical solution providing healthcare providers with the tools needed to better manage the process of delivering care through flexible, reliable and comprehensive practice management software and unparalleled after-sale service and support.

Revelation Software has announced its winter/spring 2009 training schedule, with a variety of classes on OpenInsight 9.0, Revelation's newest version of its flagship product.