January 2014 - UPDATE

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Big Data Transforms the Practice of Data Integration

Data Summit 2014 Call for Speakers Now Open

How to Manage the Next Generation of Big Data Solutions

In today's business landscape, organizations are increasingly focusing on improving the customer experience to ensure that they're staying with, or ahead of, the competition. It's widely understood that in order to improve the customer experience, it's imperative that organizations understand the customer and tailor their services or products to each demographic and customer segment. However, two major developments are bringing about a marked change to this tried-and-true customer experience strategy: the proliferation of big data and the shrinking size of customer segments.

Social Media Analytic Tools and Platforms Offer Promise

Volume is only one of the challenges organizations face. Real-time processing of in-motion high-velocity feeds is crucial to truly unlock big data's potential. A look at where data is originating and being consumed puts the opportunity and importance of velocity processing into context. What's the solution?

Institutions around the world depend on Vernon Systems Limited, based in Auckland, New Zealand, to provide sophisticated collection management and web access for cultural treasures. Revelation Software's products have been core to Vernon Systems' business, providing the main development environment for Vernon Systems since it was founded in 1986.