January 2015

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We are stuck with an antiquated two-dimensional integration and implementation model which assumes that before value can be realized, we need to get components of that value into a more stable and normalized condition. A third dimension is critical for analytics and BI to stay effective against the growth of data and activities at the edge.

SQL Server 2012/2014 delivers compelling new capabilities that make an upgrade worthwhile. However, along the upgrade path, companies have also discovered key obstacles to achieving the new opportunities. Without awareness and understanding about these challenges - and their potential consequences - an organization's upgrade to SQL Server 2012/2014 can be costly, inefficient, and plagued by system errors. Here are the top 5 SQL Server 2012/2014 ‘gotchas' as well as tips for addressing them.

Statisticians and data miners have been using R software and language for analytics within research and academia environments for some time. This open source community has contributed thousands of packages to meet the diverse needs across research and business analytics. And, to top off the perks of the software and language - R is free. But even in the face of its benefits, programmers still face fundamental challenges.

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Smart watches can perform continuous biometric validation (through pulse signatures and other cues), and are always at hand - or at least, at wrist. Coupled with the ability to continually monitor health and fitness, and perhaps even the ability to include basic phone capability, there are real advantages to be had as smart watches mature.

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Many designers seem to approach a database design as if there is a single objective reality that circumscribes all truth and that happens to align with exactly how they see the world. Honestly, is it expected that there is an absolute truth for everything? And that single absolute truth goes from the highest level of abstraction to the lowest level of detail?

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Converging Factors Mean Major Opportunities for DBAs

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Entrinsik, developer of award-winning data management software Informer has announced its inclusion in the Data Discovery & Visualization Business Intelligence TrustMap published by TrustRadius.

Consumers are shopping online in greater numbers than ever before. Kore Technologies is working to help its brick-and-mortar clients begin to adapt to the e-commerce world.Kore Technologies offers the KommerceServer eCommerce Suite, which contains a webStoreFront, webPortal, webAdminstration and Mobile Edition. The suite also contains out-of-the-box functionality for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce environments.

Based in the Chicago metropolitan region, Solution Specialties, Inc. has been developing information systems for justice agencies since 1987, and has customers using its Tracker software from coast to coast. Tracker is designed to provide a fully integrated view of the justice process from the point of an initial crime report all the way up to and including corrections and parole and long-term follow-up. This highly evolved software suite rests on Revelation Software's OpenInsight 9.4, a MultiValue-based application development environment.