June 2008

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Trends and Applications

IDS 11.5 - the newest version of Informix Dynamic Server - was officially announced by IBM at the International Informix User Conference in Kansas City in April 2008. The announcement created a tremendous interest from customers, analysts and the press.

For the first time in over 20 years, there appear to be cracks forming in the relational model's dominance of the database management systems market. The relational database management system (RDBMS) of today is increasingly being seen as an obstacle to the IT architectures of tomorrow, and - for the first time - credible alternatives to the relational database are emerging. While it would be reckless to predict the demise of the relational database as a critical component of IT architectures, it is certainly feasible to imagine the relational database as just one of several choices for data storage in next-generation applications.

An entire industry has sprung up in response to the never-ending battle against complexity, server sprawl, and rising power consumption. Virtualization is now the mantra for beleaguered data center managers looking for ways to consolidate, better utilize, or abstract away their farms of physical servers and hardware. However, in many cases, virtualization itself can lead to even more complexity andoffer uncertain value to the business. Many businesses are finding that virtualization is not ready for core mission-critical applications.

MENTISoftware offers security solutions for companies using Oracle-based systems and is adding support for an expanded range of ERP suites and database platforms. DBTA talked with Rajesh Parthasarathy about why top management cares more than ever about protecting sensitive data.