June 2023

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Trends and Applications

There's no question that this year, we're seeing dramatic upheavals in the data and analytics space. AI, of course, is the subject du jour, but any discussion of AI and its potential must, by necessity, involve the data teams that provide the information that makes AI successful. Here are what industry leaders and experts see as the most important technologies shaping the growth of data-driven enterprises.

The issue of data silos has long hamstrung the efforts of data managers and their business counterparts to get an accurate, real-time picture of their enterprises. Now, a recent study suggests that open source technologies and data cloud platforms are helping to clear up these silos. Is this finally the long-sought, silo-busting holy grail?

Columns - Database Elaborations

In dealing with databases, there are times when one must do some level of programming. With the rise of the variety of ETL, data pipeline, and data platform tools, programming elements have become mushy, confused, and scattered. This confusion has arisen because of what happens, and where that "what" happens has devolved into everything, everywhere, all at once.

Columns - DBA Corner

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is having a significant impact on most industries and job roles these days, and it will only increase as AI techniques and algorithms improve over time. I'm sure you've heard about things like natural language processing, machine learning, and large language models such as those used by ChatGPT and Google Bard. These are all forms of AI, and they are influencing and impacting the way we work.

Columns - Next-Gen Data Management

Database professionals are the backbone of any modern company. They are responsible for managing, organizing, and analyzing vast (and rapidly increasing) amounts of information. Their work helps organizations make informed decisions, remain secure, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition. The next generation of data management capabilities is essentially a prerequisite for companies seeking to implement cutting-edge technology and processes such as AI and AIOps.

Columns - Emerging Technologies

In the seminal novel 1984, George Orwell imagines a dystopian future in which governments routinely rewrite historical records as a means of control: "He who controls the past controls the future." While few Western governments have yet to engage in the wholesale creation of false history, the practice is too common in totalitarian governments. And with AI-generated fakes being increasingly hard to differentiate from the real thing, the ability to create alternate historical records has never been easier.

MV Community

Western Nevada Supply recently chose RDM Infinity to consolidate a variety of service centers into a state-of-the-art distribution center by modernizing Western Nevada's legacy warehouse management system (WMS). The relationship between RDM Infinity and Western Nevada Supply has been a beneficial collaborative partnership.

Rocket AccuTerm, an established terminal emulator for MultiValue applications, is receiving updates improving its functionality and security. Rocket AccuTerm 8.1 now offers a seamless single sign-on experience, a true web version (i.e., with no hosted dependencies on Rocket Software) that matches its desktop counterpart, and adherence to the industry's leading software security standards, including Synopsys Black Duck, Polaris, and VeraCode.