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May 2024

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Trends and Applications

Aaron Cutshall, enterprise data architect, Healthfirst, Inc., and Niraj Vora, lead sales engineer, Fivetran, joined the annual Data Summit session, "Moving to a Modern Data Architecture," to examine the multitude of nuance associated with cultivating modern data architecture, focusing on the roles that clear frameworks and centralized data strategies have to play. 

Doug Laney opened Data Summit 2024 with a look at Infonomics in the era of AI. Laney, innovation fellow, data and analytics strategy, West Monroe, and Author of Infonomics and Data Juice, visiting professor at University of Illinois Gies College of Business, shared insights from his best-selling book, Infonomics, about how organizations can actually treat information as an enterprise asset.

At the annual Data Summit conference, Bharath Vasudevan, head of product, erwin, Quest, led the session, "Making AI Ethical & Explainable," considered how consistent, clean, and curated datasets are key in bridging the gap between data and the real-world, enabling AI to transcend "magic" and ground itself in transparent truth.

Are you taking a hard look at your cloud costs this budgeting season? Is your IT budget getting eaten up without a good ROI to show for it? Do you need to justify your cloud expenses and business cases to leadership? At Data Summit 2024, Michael Agarwal, director and global practice leader, site reliability engineering, cloud and NoSQL databases, Datavail, discussed cloud cost optimization strategies, tips, and best practices during his session, "Cloud Cost Optimization: Strategies, Tips, & Best Practices."

Columns - Database Elaborations

A first and important step in being successful at almost any job or task is understanding oneself. This is true for engineers, modelers, or even architects. Do you know how to perform your tasks? Are you faster or slower than others doing the same tasks? Do you have more or less errors in your output than others? It seems that a rising number of people are so uncomfortable with competing that they may even avoid asking these kinds of questions of themselves; but this is not about competition, it is about understanding oneself, it is about being responsible, it is about holding oneself accountable.

Columns - DBA Corner

In today's world where data reigns supreme, the role of Database Administrators (DBAs) extends far beyond just maintaining databases. DBAs play a crucial role in overseeing the entire lifecycle of data within organizations, from its inception to disposal. This is called data lifecycle management. But let's define data lifecycle management (or DLM) in a bit more depth.

MV Community

RDM Infinity is releasing the latest version of its innovative solution, rdmBUILD v2.2, designed to revolutionize MultiValue investments. rdmBUILD v2.2 is packed with features to enhance performance, streamline communication, and empower systems like never before, according to the company.

BlueFinity recently looked at a LinkedIn poll that asked, "What do businesses want when designing new MV apps?"—revealing key insights that will shape the future of MV app development. There is, however, a contradiction in the public discourse of what the results of the poll suggested and what is being discussed in public and private forums focusing on MV.