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October 2015 - UPDATE

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Trends and Applications

With the current rate of data growth, it is not inconceivable that in 3 years, we'll have 10 times the volume of data we have today. The challenge will only continue to grow, but by following the five C's of data visualization, it is possible to prepare data and present eye-opening data visualization to improve users' reporting, analytics, and overall business intelligence.

Until the safe harbor agreement between U.S. and Europe was ruled invalid recently in a European court, it was understood that for any European company the U.S. was safe, and the data security in the U.S. was acceptable. But the recent ruling by the European Court of Justice says that is "actually not true," said Andreas Gauger, chief marketing officer and cofounder of Profitbricks, a cloud computing IaaS company. Now, a new agreement will have to be forged between the different entities. "Now that band-aid has been ripped off and the wound is open. Now they have to sit down and finally agree on something."

What does it take to have an always-on organization? While an impressive array of technology exists to deliver data on a real-time, continuous basis, even those organizations with multiple redundancies built into their systems and networks still face challenges keeping up.