Straight Talk on Oracle on VMware Licensing in 2017

VMware: Straight Talk on Oracle on VMware Licensing in 2017
Straight Talk on Oracle on VMware Licensing in 2017


THURSDAY, MARCH 30 - 11am PT / 2pm ET

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Throughout the course of the last decade, VMware virtualization has become the preferred platform for hundreds of thousands of customers, many of them running their Business Critical Applications on the virtualized infrastructure. At the center of many of these BCA environments is the Oracle Database Management System. Unfortunately, it is often the case, that significant confusion regarding how to properly license Oracle software in those VMware environments dominates the discussion distracting from what should be the main focus of the proposition. That is, the tremendous value of combining the world's premier RDBMS with the world's premier virtualization platform.

VMware is committed to customers who are interested in running Oracle on vSphere and correctly licensing Oracle Software on virtual infrastructure. In the interest of that effort, VMware, in partnership with DBTA and the IOUG, has invited the world's most recognizable experts in this subject to join us on a webinar for a frank and open conversation about how to properly adhere to existing contracts, as they exist presently and are available publicly, to correctly license Oracle on virtualized infrastructure.

In March of 2015, the first "Straight Talk on Oracle on VMware Licensing" webinar was successfully delivered and subsequently hosted by DBTA. The 2017 webinar will deliver updated information to augment the content of the 2015 event. Since then new subjects have surfaced such as licensing on Public Clouds along with new misunderstandings of old subjects such as extended vMotion. This webinar will also serve as an introduction of VLSS and the product of "License Fortress".

Please join us as Don Sullivan moderates a discussion on this subject with globally renowned subject matter experts Dave Welch of "House Of Brick," Daniel Hesselink of "License Consulting," and Dean Bolton of VLSS.

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Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research
and DBTA
Don Sullivan
Product Line Marketing Manager for Business Critical Applications and Database
Dave Welch
CTO & Chief Evangelist
House of Brick Technologies
Daniel Hesselink
Managing Partner
License Consulting
Dean Bolton