Survive and Thrive with Data Intelligence


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17 - 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Sandhill erwin
"I would like to see sales by brand,
by region and by quarter."

Such might be a typical query from a sales information consumer.
Do you struggle to design and deliver a data structure to answer such questions as the above?

In this upcoming webcast, Sandhill Consultants will present our unique, powerful approach to delivering qualified, verified data fit for consumption by your internal stakeholders.

Our approach is built on the notion that information is based on point over time (POT) data transformed from point in time (PIT) data, using erwin Data Modeler, Global IDs' Information Management Suite and Sandhill Consultants' education and product enhancement offerings.

Topics we will cover in this webcast include:
  • Abstract data models form PIT transaction systems
  • Articulate information requirements to create data models for POT analytics systems
  • Understanding and documenting PIT to POT transformations
  • Profiling and qualifying PIT transactional data to ensure it conforms to POT specifications
  • Visualizing PIT to POT transformations for tractability and verification
We will discuss how this model easily adapts to changes in either transactional or analytics systems over time.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about transforming data into valuable information your enterprise can use.

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