Taking Your Data and Analytics to the Cloud


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 - 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

As the urgency to compete on analytics continues to revolutionize the business world, more and more organizations are moving their data to the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs, increase efficiencies and improve time-to-value. In a recent survey of Database Trends and Applications subscribers, one-third reported plans to use relational databases in the cloud over the next 12 months. Another survey indicates that 50% of data lake deployments will be in the cloud by 2020.

The migration of data and analytics to the cloud is offering businesses new capabilities for fast, easy and wide-ranging data access. At the same time, there are many success factors to consider, from the strengths and weaknesses of different cloud providers, to integration hurdles, data latency challenges and governance problems.

Join us for a special roundtable webinar on September 27th for a deep dive into real-world scenarios that equip you with expert insights and practical advice — whether you're just starting or are already on your cloud journey.

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Clive Bearman
Director Marketing Strategy
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Director, Product Marketing
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Research Director
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