Simplify Oracle Virtualization without Licensing Issues


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5 - 11 am PT / 2 pm ET
If you run Oracle, you're likely contending with challenges with the increasing size and complexity of your database environments. In order to simplify operations, many enterprises are implementing virtualization technologies like VMWare. But difficulties still persist relative to the lack of granularity and performance overhead of heavily virtualized Oracle environments. In addition, how can you intelligently manage cost reduction associated with software licensing when using virtualization?

Learn how you can transform your Oracle operations by implementing VMWare VVols which align database resource needs with storage services at the level of the individual VM. VVols makes possible simple, straightforward management for your Oracle databases at the VM level with all the rich data services of Pure FlashArray for your VMware environment. Tasks like cloning and snapshots are streamlined and you can gain better agility and control of your VMs.

But what about licensing? In this webinar, you'll also find out how to leverage LicenseFortress for your VMWare deployments. LicenseFortress is a premiere Oracle license management service, and the only one that ensures enterprises won't pay back-license, back-support, or audit fees—potentially saving organizations thousands, or even millions of dollars per year. The Pure Storage FlashStack solution combines with LicenseFortress to offer seamless, guaranteed Oracle license management, while eliminating Oracle database headaches for enterprise IT, and enables you to accelerate and consolidate business applications with significant savings on Oracle licensing costs.

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Somu Rajarathinam
Sr. Solutions Architect
Pure Storage
Dean Bolton
Chief Architect, Founder
Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research and DBTA