Creating A Data Culture Based On Data Transparency


THURSDAY, JULY 11 - 8 am PT / 11 am ET

In this presentation, Sherri Adame will discuss how capturing four types of metadata for the Cigna Customer Master Data Management (MDM) program is starting to break down silos and move the master data culture to another level of maturity.

With data ownership being spread across the Cigna organization and the customer master data team having over a 100+ stakeholders to deal with, the team needed a new way to handle data issues and accelerate resolution. The master data management team formed a governance forum to discuss data issues in the context of their data environment. The Customer MDM team working with data stewards and custodians approved a Core Customer Data policy, a set of business rules, a set of data rules, and a new data quality process. The new processes allow business and technical teams to understand in detail the data, its quality, its owners, and in what processes it is utilized.

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Sherri Adame
Chief Customer Data Governance Officer
Chris Cooper
Healthcare Principal
Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research
and DBTA