How a Semantic Layer Makes Data Mesh Work at Scale


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4 - 11 am PT / 2 pm ET


The data mesh is a hot topic and approach to building a decentralized analytics architecture where Business domains are responsible for their data – giving ownership to the group that's closest to and best understands the data. For this approach to work at scale, the semantic layer has become a critical to Enterprises as the glue that binds tools and teams together – connecting databases and BI tools, and various teams.

This session will explain how central data teams can define common models and definitions with a semantic layer and allows users to browse the mesh of related data products. You'll learn how by promoting data stewardship and ownership by domain experts, using a common set of tools and semantic definitions, your entire organization will be empowered to create data products at scale.

Attend this session to learn about:

  • The role of a data mesh in the modern analytics architecture
  • How a Semantic Layer fits with a "Data Mesh" approach
  • Operationalizing your "Data Mesh" with a Semantic Layer
  • Getting everyone to speak "Data" with the same (business) language
  • "Future Proofing" your cloud analytics stack

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Elif Tutuk
VP of Product
Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research and DBTA